A New Direction:

Gwyllm Masked ;P

A New Direction:

I have been considering new directions I need to go with my art. (Thinking about what has been going down in the world, my art has to serve a purpose and to help facilitate change.)

We live in interesting times. We have arrived at a moment almost unexpectedly that bears great responsibility for the future of the individual, the country, the world and all that live upon it.

In my thinking each of us are tasked with doing our best for those around us, those we will never know, and generations yet to come. We are tasked to make the world better for our time here. What do we leave behind?

With all of this “ponderous thought” ;P I have come to one solution on my part to do what is best for the collective of this planet.

I am going to use my art to help finance Food Banks (to feed those in need), Social Justice (bail money, etc. for demonstrators money for medics)   and when I find a non profit who is addressing Climate Change and Ecological Degradation (through funding activism etc)

How will I do this? I have already begun with helping to finance food banks by the sale of masks that are designed to help prevent the spread of covid-19. All profits that I receive go to the funding of said food bank.

Arriving Here: I have to take the next move by degrees starting first with my Blotter Art. 50% of all sales we’ll go to a cause of your choosing. (other iterations of my art will be updated along the way)  You can choose those through the drop down menu on the various purchase buttons.

So, head over to the Blotter Art Page… we have reduced prices as well!

Here is a partial selection of the Gwyllm Art Masks that are available at Redbubble: Gwyllm Masks

All profits that are made from these that we receive (20% of the sales cost goes directly to Esther’s Pantry, a local Food Bank here in Milwaukie Oregon. Esther’s has been serving the local LGBTQ community since 1985, and while it serves that community, it also serves the local low income community as well. The choice of Esther’s was based on the fact that they have low overhead, so more of the money goes to feeding those in need. So far we have donated $350.00 dollars for the initial month of the fund raiser.

I applaud and thank all of you who have purchased your mask; you are serving the community in two ways, keeping yourself and others healthy by the use of your mask, and with your purchase providing a much needed service in feeding people.

Please tell your friends, about the mask if you will…




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