“The Visitation” & Gwyllm Art 2021 Calendar & RedBubble

“The Visitation”

Premiering Now!  I have worked on this piece for a couple of years. Now ready to share out in the world.  Purchase now & get a gift from Gwyllm as well!

“The Visitation” Giclée Prints Options

Gwyllm Art 2021 Calendar!

Cover & September – Spring Rites

For some reason Lulu.com no longer puts up thumb nails of the month’s illustrations. Well, here they are!
Next year I may publish the calendar myself if finances work out.
Here Is A Link & Gallery!
Buy The Gwyllm 2021 Calendar Here!

From Face Mask, Stickers, Ipad Covers, Scarves, Pillows, Phone Cases…Gwyllm Designs on multiple items! Here are but a few!

Click on Redbubble  ,go to Explore Designs and check out the various iterations!

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