New Blotter Art!

Happy To Announce 2 new pieces, “Gods of Divine Inebriation” and “Golden Gate Park January 14, 1967” (Human Be-In).
Both pieces have a common theme, one ancient, one more contemporary.  Details on the pieces below!

(These Pieces Are Available Only In The US At This Point)

Gods of Divine Inebriation Blotter
A nod to Dionysus/Bacchus and the attending divine and semi divine beings… God of the vine, grape-harvest, wine-making, wine, fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, theatre… one has to remember that the Ancients used admixtures in their wines: including tropanes, opium, certainly cannabis and other substances. The use of these wines varied with the seasons. One had to mix the wine with water due to the potency. Nothing like this on the market now days!
Dionysus, the God of Divine Inebriation, whose followers were tied to the Orphic myths celebrated their deity with the mysteries, revelries, theatre, ceremony, celebration & getting thoroughly out of their heads.  This piece was originally put together for The Invisible College, and will be available as a regular print soon.

Gods of Divine Inebriation Blotter


Golden Gate Park January 14, 1967 (Human Be-In)
In the heady days of late 1966, I heard about a planned gathering in San Francisco set for early January. Living in Denver at that time, I had friends who headed to California to attend. They brought back wonderous tales of that afternoon. Tim Leary, Lenore Kandel, Gary Snyder, Allen Ginsberg, Alan Watts, Dick Gregory, Richard Alpert(Ram Dass), Michael McClure, Lawrence Ferlinghettis, Jerry Rubin. Stanley Owsley provided the sacred elixir of choice…. Quicksilver, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane were among the bands that performed.
Little did we all know this was perhaps the apex event of the awakening of consciousness in the 1960’s. Not Woodstock, or any other festival event, but The Human Be In.
This piece is my homage to the event, born out of longing, and acknowledgement of the beauty of that moment. I tie it into the ancient rites, and it was certainly Dionysian, but also Apollonian in the choice of some of the speakers.
Years ago I communicated with Michael Bowen (who along with the poet Allen Cohen published the San Francisco Oracle), organized the event. Michael and Allen are gone now, but the legacy and the movement of that moment still reverberates through our emerging culture. A print version will be available soon.

Golden Gate Park January, 14 1967(Human Be-In)Blotter

Lots of new art coming, and lots of radio shows. Let me know what you are thinking about these offerings, feedback is appreciated.
Bright Blessings,

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