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Clearence Print Sale!
Numbers next to titles indicate quantity of prints available. Will revise as prints are sold of course. Prints are below the listings…

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Event Horizon II:13×19 2 Prints
Event Horizon II:8.5×11  3 Prints

Event Horizon II…
An iteration of Even Horizon I, this piece has sparked some very nice reactions, and was a hit at the Exploring Psychedelics Conference in Ashland, Oregon. The shift to colour brings out a completely different emotional texture not found in the original, suited for your wall for deep contemplation.

Event Horizon ll

Sale:”Event Horizon II” Giclée Prints Options

Jicarilla:13×19 signed & numbered 1 Print
Jicarilla:8.5×11  3 Prints


Sale:”Jicarilla” Giclée Prints Options
Shipping Included In Price

Fatima:13×19 signed & numbered 1 Print
Fatima:8.5×11  3 Prints

“Fatima” One of our very popular pieces, featured on the back cover of “The Invisible College Magazine #8”. You must see this one in person.

Shipping Included In Price

Muhdra II: 1 13×19 Print Unsigned
Muhdra II 6 8.5×11 Prints

Sale:”Muhdra II” Giclée Prints Options

Angel of the Allies: 1 13×19 Print Unsigned
Angel of the Allies 3 8.5×11 Prints

Sale:”Angel of theAllies” Giclée Prints Options

Event Horizon I: 1 13×19 Print Unsigned
Event Horizon I 3 8.5×11 Prints

Event Horizon I

Sale:”Event Horizon I” Giclée Prints Options

The Chemist:13×19    1 Print
The Chemist:8.5×11   1 Print

The Chemist

Sale:”The Chemist” Giclée Prints Options

The Meeting:13×19 signed & numbered 1 Print
The Meeting:13×19 Slight mar on upper left margin/covered by framing 1 Print
The Meeting:8.5×11  3 Prints

The Meeting

Shipping Included In Price

The Gift:13×19 1 Print
The Meeting:8.5×11 3 Prints

The Gift

Sale:”The Gift” Giclée Prints Options