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Art Should Serve…

I am going to use my art  (Specifically Blotter Art at this juncture)  to help finance Food Banks (to feed those in need), Social Justice (bail money, etc. for demonstrators money for medics)   and when I find a non profit who is addressing Climate Change and Ecological Degradation (through funding activism etc)

How will I do this? I have already begun with helping to finance food banks by the sale of masks that are designed to help prevent the spread of covid-19. All profits that I receive go to the funding of said food bank.

Arriving Here:  I have to take the next move by degrees starting first with my Blotter Art. 50% of all sales we’ll go to a cause of your choosing.  You can choose those through the drop down menu on the various purchase buttons.

Just click on the thumbnail of the blotter print you desire and scroll up to make your purchase!

Retired Blotter Art:

Indra’s Web

The second piece I did that was commissioned by Adam Stanhope.
Now quite rare, I have a few pieces left.
If you are interested, use the comment/contact form.

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