Blotter Art

Welcome To Our Blotter Page:
We Are Having A Sale! Dive In!
Every Piece on Sale for the Month of April!
Each Sale Comes with a Test Proof of my first Blotter Piece,
“Mantis Head”


Gods of Divine Inebriation

Gods of Divine Inebriation Blotter Sale


Golden Gate Park, January 14th 1967 (Human Be-In)

Golden Gate Park (Human Be-In)Blotter – Sale


“The Gate Keeper”

Our Lady Of The Tryptamines Blotter – Sale


Invocation Blotter

“Invocation” Blotter – Sale


Solstice-Gwaschemasch’e Efendi Blotter

Solstice-Gwaschemasch’e Efendi Blotter – Sale


Aldous Huxley – Doors Of Perception

Aldous Huxley Blotter – Sale


Moiré Eyes Blotter

“Moiré Eyes” – Sale


“Chalice” US/Canada Sales Only

“Chalice” Blotter – Sale


“The Chemist” Blotter

“The Chemist” Blotter – Sale


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