Blotter Art

New Blotter Now Available!

Now Offering “The Gate Keeper”,”Solstice-Gwaschemasch’e Efendi”,”Invocation”,”Our Lady Of The Tryptamines”,”Aldous Huxley” – Doors Of Perception & “The Chemist” (a homage to Sasha Shulgin)

Blotter Prints For Sale! approaches the Blotter-Prints situation in a unique way. We come out of the school that sees Blotter Art not only as a unique form on its own steeped in the mystique of psychedelia, but also as an extension of the school of print making that has a long and honorable history. Many artist have produced limited editions of their prints, allowing a wider public to enjoy their work.

We offer a few of our Blotter Prints in the following formats:
Perforated Blotter-Prints: signed and numbered.
Perforated Proof-Prints: signed.

All pieces except can have a hand written dated dedication added, i.e. ‘To Samantha, From Gwyllm – April 2017’ as an
example. You just have to include what you want written on your print when you order.

Just click on the thumbnail of the blotter print you desire and scroll up to make your purchase!

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