Standing Rock Food Fund

A Fund Raiser For Food To Support The Standing Rock Tribe's Actions Against DAPL
A Fund Raiser For Food To Support The Standing Rock Tribe’s Actions Against DAPL

The Fund Raiser Is Closed Down For A Bit Whilst I Am Away….

With all that is going on at the Standing Rock Reservation I’ve decided that I have to respond with what I can. That is a fund raiser, using my art. I hope you can support the effort. There Has been a call out for food and medical supplies. I am responding with this print to help fund food for the tribe in this their time of need.

Any and all profits made will go to The Standing Rock Tribe.

Thank you for all of the support!

“Stay Focused, Stay Real, Love Will Prevail.”
Bright Blessings,

IntraCellular/InterStellar Overdrive

Intracellular/Interstellar Overdrive
Intracellular/Interstellar Overdrive

IntraCellular/InterStellar Overdrive…

After many months away from working with art, this is our return.  Pen, Ink, drawing over several days, bringing disparate elements together for a new interpretation of the old theme, this is the result.

Moving the notch up a bit on the concept of Mandala, a play on the micro/macrocosm.  As one observer said, ” I’ve heard of Conceptual Art, but that one looks to me like Conception Art.”  Perhaps it is, trying to capture the Creation in the ever present moment, without beginning, without end, ever conscious, ever aware of itself, and its expressions of individuation.

Here is for the Beauty, here is for Love.

Bright Blessings,

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A new addition to our Print Catalog! “Chalice” was originally created for Alan Piper’s book: Strange Drugs make for Strange Bedfellows Ernst Jünger, Albert Hofmann and the Politics of Psychedelics that Invisible College Publications released last year.

I had long played with the idea on other levels, but Alan’s work seemed to call for it to be created finally.

Available now, in two size formats (8.5inx11in & 13inx19in), signed/numbered print(s) available as well.

Gwyllm-Art brings you…. Chalice

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Her Beauty
Her Beauty

Angel Of The Allies – Entheogens

Angel of the Allies/Entheogens

Angel of The Allies/Entheogens was a year long project that ended up being featured in The Invisible College Magazine 8th Edition. It was the last piece that Jim Harter helped me with. This piece went through many iterations, and a heck of a lot of rearranging of plants & fungi!

Big Love,

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There have been over 20 more prints made available, some for the first time, and others have been off shelf for several years.

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