“The Visitation” & Gwyllm Art 2021 Calendar & RedBubble

“The Visitation”

Premiering Now!  I have worked on this piece for a couple of years. Now ready to share out in the world.  Purchase now & get a gift from Gwyllm as well!

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Gwyllm Art 2021 Calendar!

Cover & September – Spring Rites

For some reason Lulu.com no longer puts up thumb nails of the month’s illustrations. Well, here they are!
Next year I may publish the calendar myself if finances work out.
Here Is A Link & Gallery!
Buy The Gwyllm 2021 Calendar Here!

From Face Mask, Stickers, Ipad Covers, Scarves, Pillows, Phone Cases…Gwyllm Designs on multiple items! Here are but a few!

Click on Redbubble  ,go to Explore Designs and check out the various iterations!

Rare Finds!

Indra’s Web Blotter Art
3 Pieces Available! 3/100 & 4/100 and 1/1 Artist Proof! Incredibly rare! Once these are gone, they are gone forever.  Found in our archives that hadn’t been checked for several years.   

Available on the Blotter Page!
Here is a partial selection of the Gwyllm Art Masks that are available at Redbubble: Gwyllm Masks
Fitted Mask & Kids Mask along with new designs soon!

“Spring Rites”

For The Renewal Of Life… “Spring Rites”

April.  Every tree, budding. The birds are making nest.  The squirrels are chasing each other.  Life is renewed, after a long winter.  This is one of those pieces that we pray will give hope for the coming days.

Began in March, finished in April. Here is to hope, here is to life.
Much Love,

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New Print! “Arabesque”

Worked on this one “Arabesque”, for awhile, changed some bits out, now happy to offer it to you.
This print is now available for a limited time at a reduced price!
We hope you like it!

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