Blotter Art

New Blotter Now Available!

Now Offering “Aldous Huxley” – Doors Of Perception & “The Chemist”
(a homage to Sasha Shulgin)

Blotter Prints For Sale! approaches the Blotter-Prints situation in a unique way. We come out of the school that sees Blotter Art not only as a unique form on its own steeped in the mystique of psychedelia, but also as an extension of the school of print making that has a long and honorable history. Many artist have produced limited editions of their prints, allowing a wider public to enjoy their work.

We offer a few of our Blotter Prints in the following formats:
Perforated Blotter-Prints: signed and numbered.
Perforated Proof-Prints: signed.

All pieces except can have a hand written dated dedication added, i.e. ‘To Samantha, From Gwyllm – April 2017’ as an
example. You just have to include what you want written on your print when you order.

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