The Holiday Sale: The Hasheesh Eater!

I spent two years on the art and construction of The Hasheesh Eater. Here is an opportunity to not only own a very unique book, but to have an edition that is lavishly illustrated as well. I am sure you will love it.
– Gwyllm

Holiday Sale of The Hasheesh Eater!
Five dollars off the purchasing price, inclusive of shipping
30.00 for an unsigned copy (shipped from printers)
36.00 for a personalized signed copy. Limited to Six Books on hand
This offer is good for US sales only, sorry.

Some Reviews:
1970 – “Ludlow takes an honored place in the stoned procession of dope adepts that stretches from the author of the Vedic hymns to William S. Burroughs.” – Archivist Michael, ‘’America’s De Quincey’’

1970 – “The alchemic-shaman tradition of Paracelsus, Ludlow, and William James…” – Timothy Leary

1910 – “Deeper and clearer is the information to be gained from the brilliant studies of Baudelaire…and Ludlow… ”- Aleister Crowley

Reviews Of The Art (By Artist):
“Upon opening the pages of the Hasheesh Eater by Fitz Hugh Ludlow published by the Invisible College, we immediately sense the presence of a magical world, from another time perhaps, ancient yet familiar….”
– Martina Hoffmann

“The Art Nouveau inspired borders framing Ludlow’s vivid imaginative journey and the subtle warm glow of Gwyllm’s oracular collage illustrations, fill the senses with the romantic nostalgia of something deeply exotic and arcane.”
– A. Andrew Gonzalez

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Finally, after all of that wait!
Yet it was worth the wait. Watching the Review (Review now, not magazine) transform over time. Up to the last minute, edits going in, changes, images being changed out. The concept of theme, and definition of mission within the theme.
Heady times.

We think this is the best edition yet, 1/3 more pages 148 in total, without commercials, ads, that stuff. Pure Culture, Revelation, Art, Poetry, Articles.
Support the effort, the time has arrived.
The art work of such notables as Martina Hoffmann, Robert Venosa,Pascal Ferry, Noel Taylor
The in-depth articles of Alan Piper, P.D.Newman & Gwyllm Llwydd.
The Poetry of Dale Pendell, Michael Conner and more.

Prints Available Soon!

Bright Blessings,