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Richard Alpert, Timothy Leary & Ralph Metzner at the beginning of the Psychedelic Age!

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"Pioneers" Print US/Canada (1)

“Pioneers” Print US/Canada (1)

$25.00 – $60.00

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Invisible College #12 “Psychedelics & The Occult”

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We are happy to announce the publication of the Invisible College # 12, “Psychedelics & The Occult.”

This the 12th issue of The Invisible College is dedicated to our dear friend Diane Darling who passed suddenly in January.

Diane contributed frequently to the review, as well as served as editor on “The Hasheesh Eater & Other Writings”. Her contributions to the wider community don’t stop here of course. She founded the She Shaman’s Confrence, was the Editor for The Green Egg for many years as well. An amazing spirit, a friend of the deepest sort. She is missed.

From where things are at this point, this issue is the last for The Invisible College. 12 issues is a good number. We will be reissuing the older copies soon.

This is our largest edition. I think you’ll be thrilled with it all.

Bright Blessings, Thank You for Your Support!


Dedication – Diane Darling
Hakim Bey
On The Forthcoming Publication of Divine Inebriation Part 1
from Silsila (Book Two: The Cywanu Trilogy – Whit Griffin
Auntie Etha’s Cow Lip Tea (“An Early Case of the Use of a Coprophilous, Possibly Entheogenic, Fungus in African American Folk Healing”) – P.D. Newman
The Golden Path – A. Andrew Gonzalez
Hymn For The Azure Soul – Dalton Miller
Egungun Of Benin – Michael Landau
Absinthe: Artemisia absinthium – Dale Pendell
Nepenthe – Gwyllm
Acacia: the philosophical mercury of Zosimos, Paracelsus, and Newton
– Khalil Reda
Thoughts Upon the Bacchae
The Dream & Divinities Tarot – Liba Stambollion
Adios Will Penna

Truly an amazing volume of the Invisible College. 160 pages plus, with art, psychedelic mysteries revealed, poetry, and much more.

A Small Gallery of some of the Art! Click on the images to enlarge:

A PDF To Check This Edition Out:

Invisible College #12 sample

I want to thank all who have contributed to The Invisible College over the years, either with contributions to the various issues, or by purchasing a copy or copies. It has been our profound joy to bring The Invisible College to the world.


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Invisible College #12 "Psychedelics & The Account

Invisible College #12 “Psychedelics & The Account

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