Queen Of All Heaven

“Queen Of All Heaven”

Whilst creating this print the operating name was: “Unity Field II: Metaphysical Circus”, finding that not only was this beyond cumbersome, it also didn’t do the print justice. So as I do in these situations it was layed to rest for quite awhile, and one night when reading an old gnostic text the name appeared suddenly, almost hovering in front of me. It made sense, and so it was renamed.

The Queen Of All Heaven is unique in many ways, sitting outside the many different streams of thought and design that run through the various prints done over the years. One is the colours used, and the other is the grouping of layers. It steps out of the traditional use of certain motifs that one can find in my work. Truly, she is unique and beautiful in her own way.

Now available in 8.5×11 inches, 13×19 inches and 17×22 inches.

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