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I put this together in response to the current “Administrations” proposed cuts to social spending on such items as “Meals On Wheels”, School Lunches, Housing Vouchers for the Poor, etc. The convoluted logic that it is passed as policy is nothing short of Barbarity. I hope that we can come together in our communities to protect and stand with those less fortunate than us, those that are discriminated against, those pursued by unjust, and inhumane laws and policies.

We are better than this.

I will be donating all profits from the sale of these prints at this point to “Meals on Wheels” to help support our elders, who may only have one meal a day, and who often need social contact which this program provides. I worked with MOW’s through a non-profit in Portland, and can attest to the good that is achieved.

A civilization that targets those less fortunate does not deserved to be designated as a “civilization”. Those that turn on the weakest, those that deprive others of basic necessities to enrich Oligarchs are nothing more than Sociopaths.

Organize Sisters & Brothers. Now is our time to shape a better future! We can do it.

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