The High, The Holy

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“The High, The Holy” is now being offered for the first time. I was assisted in this print by the late Jim Harter. Jim and I would send our pieces back and forth, suggesting edits etc. along the way. It was a very satisfying way to work on art. Jim certainly knew his stuff, after more than 16 books and numerous paintings, posters and more he had a deep, and varied background in art. He was such a pleasure to work with.

Much of my studies over the years has been suffused in studies of Sufism and the poetry and literature surrounding the school(s) of thought and practice that are related to Sufism. Perhaps that is where my fascination with oriental and eastern architecture and art began. One of the first art pieces that I ever purchased was almost a mandala, but from the Persian school.

“The High, The Holy” very much captures the feelings I find in the poetry of the Sufi schools. I hope you enjoy it.


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